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Release of 4H2S-100HT Gas Sensor

Update time:2022-11-11 11:09
SemeaTech has released a new product, the 4H2S-100HT sensor, for applications in high temperature and high humidity environments, such as deserts, where the temperature can be as high as 60 °C. At such high temperatures, the electrolyte of a traditional H2S sensor will either dry out in low humidity or leak out in high humidity to affect the sensor's performance and life span. With SemeaTech's new 4H2S-100HT sensor, the detection of H2S in such extreme environments has become a reality.
Because of our unique electrochemical technology, our new H2S sensor performs better in extreme environments as follows:
1) In extreme humidity (90%RH, 15%RH), the new 4H2S-100HT sensor has a lower risk of leakage or electrolyte evaporation and can be used more effectively in a very wet season or an extreme dry desert.

2) In high temperature and low humidity environments, (65 ℃, 15%RH), our new 4H2S-100HT sensor has smaller baseline offset, better consistency and longer life span.

3) The 4H2S-100HT functions well at extreme high temperature of 65 ℃, while the traditional sensors operate at an upper temperature limit of 50 ℃.