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Product Introduction

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Product Description

SemeaAlert-Gamma is designed to alert those who are concerned about accidental exposure to ionizing radiation hazards in the environment. This product features high sensitivity and an instant response time ( of about a second ) to a very minor change of X and γ ( 0.01 μSv/h ). Unlike other professional X and γ detectors, SemeaAlert -Gamma is not built with a digital display. Instead it has a large LED and buzzer that change the color and number of beeps to indicate Normal, Low-Alarm, Mid-Alarm and High-Alarm representing radiation levels. This design not only helps the users who lack knowledge of radiation easily understand how strong the radiation is, but also tremendously lowers the product cost so that it becomes an affordable personal radiological protection device.


The sensing technology of the product is based on a CsI crystal that has an excellent sensitivity and quick response to X、γ radiation. The optimized sensor design makes the module capable of responding to the X、γ radiation energy as low as 30keV to ensure this product detects the possible ionizing radiation leakage from either radioactive materials or radiologic equipment.


The product has a built-in Li-ion battery. The low power consumption design enables the battery to operate for several days after it is fully charged.


The Semea-Alert  detection module has an audible and visible alarm, it can be used without being connected to a mobile phone.


  • For the general public (especially pregnant women) to use daily for the prevention of radiation exposure;

  • Doctors in the hospital to detect the strength of radioactive drugs and the patients using such drugs to protect themselves against excess ionizing radiation;

  • Customs officers to quickly detect the transit of people and goods that may unlawfully carry or contain special materials (such as special nuclear materials, rare-earth minerals, etc.);

  • Security personnel in public areas to detect any potential radiation hazards that may create danger to the public;

  • Non-professionals to use at locations containing radioactive materials such as radioactive material production and storage;

  • And checking building materials (such as marble, granite, ceramic sanitary ware, etc.) for excess radiation.

Technical Data:
Detector CsI crystal
Detection Type X、γ ray
Measurement 0.01μSv/h - 20μSv/h
Sensitivity 0.01μSv/h
Energy Limit 30keV
Response Time Typical 1 second
LED Display Green, Yellow, Purple, Red (difference radiation levels)
Buzzer Alarm No. of beeps representing different radiation levels. On and Off via app
Battery Built-in 140mAh Li-ion
Battery Charger 5V mobile phone charger
Battery Charge Time 2 hours
Battery Run Time 3 days if fully charged
Dimensions 75 x 55 x 25mm
Weight 50g